Need Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Mic



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Man low end true wireless earphones are not good for call quality. If you just want to use for audio, they are okay.
Ive bought a lot of them, Realme Air 2, 3, One plus Buds z, Nothing Ear 1. Best among them for call and audio quality i found is Nothing Ear 1, but you should go to youtube reviews and check actual call quality recording and see for yourself if it fits your needs.
Also samsung buds might be good, but idk.
I am not like Buds...Easily fall off possible...So stick to the budget 2-3k fine
my usage is a webinar in PC...Music is only on while walking


I lost one of my buds, and got the Nord Buds as a cheaper substitute; nothing extraordinary, its ok for the price (Rs 2070 on offer)


Dont buy any of somy XM3/4/5 is mic is your requirement. There are some driver issues with those. Sony CH510 is good. I use Jabra 75t.
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