Need Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Mic


Oneplus Bullet Wireless Z Bass Edition : not audiophile grade but great for regular use, especially for Indian content.

Rs 1800 using Federal Bank debit card.


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TBH, Nor do I use myself and neither I suggest people to use audio products from BBK and Mi. They Boast its specs off a lot, but the build quality and comfort lags behind a lot. And there after sales, and especially just 6-month warranty model is bad. I wud recommend you to buy something from a reputed brand like sony(Yes they have one for 2K), JBL, or any other audio brand. And stay away from these BBK and Mi.

These chinese OEMs are focusing to enter each and every market, while they cant even make proper phones.


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Seems like a Clickbait post. Not expected from XDA. There are no numbers mentioned as to how many units were sold and what exactly constitutes as " appear to be enough complaints about the same issue that suggests a pattern is emerging "

Of course one can avail the best available in the market butwhen youre on a budget, you have to make compromises. Such reports of a few failures (not always true) are getting magnified in present times because of the mass reach due to massive internet penetration. Decide without getting influenced much by each and every such articles. Choose wisely, live well.


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Below Image SoundMAGIC - E11BT good
But there is no Multipoint connectivity...At least 2 pair

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