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Need 3k gfx card for my new shitbox


Right off the assembly line
SO I had an old '07 rig, I'm talking:
Random Korean MoBo
Pentium E2180
some unnamed PSU

Finally after my PC died (8 years), my dad decided to upgrade :)

New specs (still shitty):
Pentium G2030 3GHz
4GB DDR3 (will upgrade to 8GB when I get 64 bit Windows 10, current win 8.1 is 32bit)
Gigabyte h61 s1
I think intex or something like that 450W PSU

I want a decent gfx card which will give me 60 fps in cs 1.6, cod4 (MW1) and CS GO.
I currently (old pc actually) play 1.6 at 800x600 min (~55 fps), and cod 640x480 with all min, still max 20fps, so im fine even with low resolution. (my monitor maxes out at 1440x900)

Also, if I could play dota2 on that gfx card it would be nice, but at least CSGO 60fps.

I know I said 3k, but hoping for something like 2k.
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Try to get zotac GT 640 1 GB DDR5 or second hand GTX 550 Ti and obviously install 64 bit windows 8.1.

Anything >3.5 GB RAM is wasted if you keep 32 bit windows as it won't be able to utilise it.
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