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  1. I

    Budget Gaming Monitor Suggestion Needed!(REPOST)

    Hi, I didn't get a proper reply on the previous thread which I posted. So, I had to repost this with the questionnaire. I mainly play CS:GO on my PC. I get around 150-200 frames per second, so a good refresh rate is preferred. I need a smooth and flicker free viewing experience. 1. Budget? A...
  2. I

    Gaming Monitor Suggestion Needed!

    Hi, I mainly play CS:GO on my PC. And I want to upgrade my current monitor. I get around 100 fps on my PC. I need a monitor with least flickering and a smooth viewing experience. My budget is 10k. BenQ monitors are preferred. Thank You! :D
  3. R

    GPU switch issue.

    I have an HP Pavillion 15 AU-114TX HP Pavilion - 15-au114tx the major issue that I'm facing is with it's performances: 1)While gaming I realised this by accident: My cross-hair in CS:GO smoothly when connecting via my phone's hotspot and then reconnecting to my hostel wifi. If I run...
  4. P

    Need 3k gfx card for my new shitbox

    SO I had an old '07 rig, I'm talking: Random Korean MoBo Pentium E2180 2GB DDR2 some unnamed PSU Finally after my PC died (8 years), my dad decided to upgrade :) New specs (still shitty): Pentium G2030 3GHz 4GB DDR3 (will upgrade to 8GB when I get 64 bit Windows 10, current win 8.1 is 32bit)...
  5. justme101

    Frame Rate Drops - No load on GPU!

    Hi Guys, My PSU went bad a few weeks ago and i was left without a PC as i couldn't buy one due to time constraints. Now, when i finally have it started with a new Antec VP450P, i started to play CSGO with very irritating frame drops. I even turned down all the settings to low, except a few at...
  6. D

    Don't trust Digitians (Steam game giveaway inside)

    Don't trust Digitians I'm sick of you guys. None of your actions are going unnoticed. I shall defame you guys one by one every week/month. :evil::evil: 14/08/2013 Denouncing furious_gamer He is evil and wicked. Do not trust him. Apparently CSGO was his first fps game and I could it...
  7. justme101

    CS:GO questions

    Well i have only two simple questions to ask: 1. Will all CS:GO discs work on steam?? I am concerned specifically about this becaue i want to pre-order it through Flipkart. 2. How many of you are planning to buy it :P
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