Need 1TB Portable Hard Drive (No Power Ext. Source) below 5k

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Although you have bought one, my suggestion would have been to buy 1tb HDD at a time and save the money as the rates of HDD depends on dollar and the prices of computer products decreases as the technology advances further. So after 2-3 years of time, you may get the next HDD at cheaper price


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Ok. And what about 1tb and 2tb?
for my budget, 5k budget, 1tb (4k) saves 1k,
2tb (6k) adds 1k.. Which one will be good? Means which keeps data safe for longer time 1tb or 2tb,
Some friends are saying to go for 1tb*2.
Its confusing.

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2x 1TB is the best option if you have very important data and want two backup copies. For normal backup purpose go with 2TB single drive


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Looking for FAST portable Hard Drive of 1T or 2T
with 7200rpm or Faster


I'd say buying a hard drive depends on your budget and requirements.
When we talk about backups, the most important features in an external hard drive are, in order: reliability, speed, capacity, warranty, customer support, and built quality.

Just a suggestion, you may go for WD My Passport series of hard drives.

The WD My Passport Ultra have 3-year warranty with solid customer service to back it up.

It comes with the full version of the WD Smartware Pro software. It's a pretty simple and straightforward backup software that uses minimal PC resources. Set it up once and you can forget about it.

For more details you may visit the link below:

Support Answer

You may continue to post here if you have any other questions.


I need help with this device... Please help..
WD my passport ultra..
As events occurred..
1. Connected to laptop, opened my passport ultra drive, double clicked on folder. It was taking long time so closed explorer and again opened my computer now all drivers taking time to show up. And some "clicking" sound came up from wd passport. it was vibrating also. So removed WD passport from windows tray and removed USB.
Now every drive on laptop showed quickly.
2. Again connected USB to laptop, opened my computer for accessing files, no drive showed up and no blinking LED on wd passport (blinking LED on passport shows every time when copying pasting accessing files), but drive was connected to laptop as per USB system tray icon. And again that clicking sound came, every 10-12 seconds. Tried to remove from system tray but this time no luck.
Removed USB.
3. Again i tried, pressed back side of wd passport as it was vibrating and connected USB to laptop. It worked folder showed up. Buy accessing took time and clicking sound came. I tried removing USB from system tray, but couldn't remove it, so removed directly USB cable.
4. Later every time i connected with without pressing wd passport but nothing shows up in windows explorer.

Clicking sound every 10-12 seconds, vibrating wd passport, drive not shows up in windows explorer. Need help..

What happened to drive??
I have precious data on drive, office works of dad and brother and some family photos.
Is my data safe???

Help here



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Clicking sound usually means hdd is dying.Hdd are delicate & that's why it is a good idea to always run software like crystaldiskinfo daily to check hdd health.Just download & run free portable zip version of crystaldiskinfo(no need to install) regularly from now on.

Try connecting hdd to back side usb port of a desktop & keep an extra hdd/space ready in case it shows up in explorer.Start copying data starting from most important one immediately.

P.S.Thumb rule when using any hdd is that always assume it is going to fail anytime
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