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Name the best horror game


Human Spambot
Resident Evil 4..

Not because of the enemies... But lack of any ammo... Next place goes to..


man, what a game!


Tech addict
So majority among us here voting for F.E.A.R. So I think title of the best horror game safely can be given to it.


Most wanted
Call of Cthulhu for the feel. Fear 1/2 is lame (wrt horror, other things are cool)
Of all the games mentioned above only call of cthulu was able to really scare , it was also a difficult game to complete with an interesting story . Anyway the game graphics for todays standard is outdated .


Broken In
My all time favorite Horror game: Silent Hill 2, you have to understand how deep it is to appreciate it completely.

Evil vinni

Right off the assembly line
well,don't know whether it should come in horror game or not...but Gears of war made my heart beat very fast several times.
& no doubt doom 3 is the most horrifying game till now.
FEAR and FEAR 2 suks big time!


hey you guys left out call of chutulu and undying.....great games....require a bit of patience but the experience is worth it...


Doom 3
Dead Space
Silent Hill Series On My PSP.......Scares the **** out of me everytime I play it under my blanket all alone at night.


Then try a brief session of four hours or so of F.E.A.R 2 from third stage at 11 P.M to 3 A.M alone at home switch of your room's lights put on a good 5.1 channel gaming headphones take its volume to last bearable level change your PC monitor with your 42" full HD LCD TV five feet away from you and set LCD's mid point at your strait eye sight level set full eye candy on from the game's graphics settings. Although it will not frighten you but you can feel your heart beat going up a little.

If this is the case then even MUMMY looks frightened. Lol. Really best way of getting scared.


In the zone
FEAR 2, and 1
also clive bakers jerecho its not that scary but unique gameplay annd location
clive baker undying is horror classic
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