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N8 Successor To Land Next Year


In the zone
"Confirmation" comes from Nokia VP in Russia. Are you thinking of buying an N8 only for its 12 MP camera? If yes, there's a reason for you to wait a little longer as Nokia is reportedly working on its successor. The confirmation has come from none other than the company's VP, Eric Bertman, at the Nokia Lumia 800 launch event in Russia. This makes it pretty much "official".
N8 Successor To Land Next Year


Legend Never Ends
yup. but it may cost a bomb (~35k)

or if they want to cut cost, Symbian is the way to go. 15-16Mp cam @ <25k with WP7.5 will be hard.

The problem would be that most people wouldnt pay 35k for a WP Mango Device(atleast I wont)

Would be lot feasible to even buy a iPhone at that price.
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