1. Cyberghost

    We Happy Few

    We Happy Few is the tale of a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial in the city of Wellington Wells. Set in a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city in an alternative 1960s England, you’ll have to blend in with its other inhabitants, who don’t...
  2. Cyberghost


    Developer : Keiji Inafune's Comcept and Armature Publisher : Microsoft Studios Release : Spring 2016 Platforms : PC,X1 From the legendary creator Keiji Inafune and the makers of “Metroid Prime” comes “ReCore”, an action-adventure masterfully crafted for a new generation. As one of the...
  3. P

    Belty - The automatic Belt

    The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015) displayed a remarkable product called "The Belty". "The Belty" is a unique belt specialized to adjust the fitting automatically as per your variation in waist size during the day. Imagine after a heavy lunch with the team you belt gets tighten...
  4. krishnandu.sarkar

    Critics on my Blog

    Well, It's been around 4 years I bought this domain on my name. I installed wordpress on the very first day and thought of blogging. But I could never get any topic about what to write which is unique. I read many blogs regarding what to write and all but couldn't fix on anything that's unique...
  5. M

    [FREE]Dungeon 1on1 has just launched on Android and iOS!

    Dungeon 1on1 has just been launched on Android and iOS! Dungeon 1on1 is NOW FREE for download on Android and iOS. Download from Google Play: *play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moonfishsoftware.dungeon1on1 Download from App Store...
  6. Chetan1991

    General Query Are Teleshopping products genuine?

    Hey everyone. Many products sold on the cheezy teleshopping commercials seem very versatile, with unique features. Many seem to be unique and I haven't found any product like them in the (offline) market. So my questions are: Are these products genuine? Are the prices they charge...
  7. A

    What browser finger-print consists of?

    I am developing a video streaming website. I searched on internet about how to uniquely identify unique user on web. I came across this thread -> What is Browser Fingerprint? - Wrangle This thread tells about how browser fingerprint can be used to identify unique user on web. But it tells only...
  8. A

    NZXT Hue

    Hi, Does anyone know if and where I can get the NZXT Hue and how much it'd cost? I looked everywhere online and couldn't find it. The product : NZXT :: Unique. Unprecendented. Inspired - HUE Product Detail Thanks Akash
  9. Abhishek_Z

    A Smartphone under 12k ?

    I want a good smartphone. Uuuummmm.... my specifications are a bit different : OS: Android, bada or Windows Phone, etc. Camera: 5.0 MP or more Connectivity: Not much but a 2G or 3G phone Anything XTRA like BT, Wi-Fi, is Not-So-Important. Unique specifications right ? :-?
  10. R

    Gigabyte's Notebooks entry to india

    Hello Guys.... Gigabyte is bringing into the Indian market some really cool Notebooks and netbooks.... Till now Gigabyte is the only brand which has some unique Netbooks different from all other brands......... This is one such unique Netbook M1022, the dock simultaneously charges the Netbook at...
  11. the.kaushik

    How to register in *portal.bsnl.in/ for Bangalore

    How to register add phone in *portal.bsnl.in/ for Bangalore Sorry if a re post as Search is not working currently in this forum and need the answer very urgently. I want to add my phone at *portal.bsnl.in/. I am in Bangalore. It says to choose SSA/STD. But i don't see anything...
  12. M

    Incredible camera displays 360º image on single screen

    Not many cameras are like this, I saw it at the IIPSEC convention and it was better than this. Truly amazing. Got to play with it too :) Truely one of a kind, this camera is very unique. I think you can get em for not that expensive, they're called Mobotix
  13. T

    HardwareID - What is it ?!?

    Hi, I was wondering does anyone know what is that HardwareID number this program says that i have and how do i change it in my pc ? I know its unique for every machine, i just wanna know how it makes it. -ty
  14. azzu

    Nokia's new Unique 7500 Prism Mobile Phone

    Nokia has been known to dabble in some very unique designs every now and again. The 7500 Prism is of course no exception. Although it may bear resemblance to any old candy-bar phone, it does have a slightly unique quality to it when it comes to the paneling. The criss-cross paneling gives it...
  15. anandk

    Square Watermelons.

    Japan’s unique square watermelons. *www.japansugoi.com/wordpress/
  16. F

    Mumbai deluge

    I havent been to the city many times, but i think it is a unique city. It has a unique periodical spectacle! Come july and you will find mumbai underwater. Its on the news, the annual event has started I think the tourism industry can cash in on this, they can have tours for foreigners to see...
  17. Third Eye

    Microsoft is on Top of the World Wide Web

  18. Sandeepnair85

    Pantech's outrageously different ‘Auto Pop-up Display’ satellite DMB Phone

    South Korea’s Pantech Group today announced the launch of the IM-U140 handset, a satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) handset that provides users with a genuinely unique mobile phone experience via its innovative design. With DMB, the phone obviously receives television but it has an...
  19. A

    Sudoku in spreadsheets

    Hope that membwers are aware about the lately popularb Soduku puzzles. I tried to generate it in a spreadsheet. Excel failed to generate a random number (even through its help) but OOO Calc did, but it repeated numbers. To tell frioends here, Ubuntu is a 9x9 grid, in each 3x3 grid, there should...
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