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Multiple PC configurations and connectivity options


The Designer
I'm setting up a design center and cafe in my city and I require multiple pc configs and connectivity options for that. Details are:

1) 5 low end PCs capable of net browsing, counter-strike, etc.

2) 1 PC for the reception for billing, printing, scanning, etc.

3) 2 PCs capable of photo editing using Photoshop and Corel draw etc.

4) 1 PC capable of video editing using Premiere Pro, Power Director, etc.

5) 1 PC for main office which should be able to control the servers, etc. A moderate config is enough.

6) The 3 PCs for photo and video editing should store data on a partition in a central server. Anything downloaded in the 5 PCs during net browsing should also go to another partition on the central server but can be transferred to a usb or cd only at the reception. So I require a server capable of that with a large enough storage space. This can reduce the amount of storage needed on the designing and cafe PCs. The main office PC would be in control of the sever.

7) All the 10 PCs should be connected to a network and the server and should be able to share an internet connection. So a suitable router is required. I'd like wifi too if possible.

I am situated in Trivandrum. I can buy locally or online. At present I have no fixed budget. I have a feeling it'll be around Rs 2.5 - 3 lakhs for everything above. Please suggest me the configurations and things I'll need at the least cost without compromising on it's capabilities. I'd say my hardware knowledge is around 7/10. I have assembled PCs before and I'll be assembling the above by myself. Win XP or most probably Win7 will be installed on these systems. I'm planning to buy all these this month itself. Do ask if you need more info or if I have left out important points.

Thanks. =)


Little Kid
Here is a basic setup diagram to move forward.

I have few suggestions, minor tweaks, take them if you feel they would work.

  • Make server and reception PC into 1 computer
  • There are two option for net connectivity, either you connect the modem / router directly to switch or you connect it to the server and share net from there. In server sharing, benefit is that you can use multiple net device without altering the LAN IP of client PCs. Where as in case of direct connection to switch, clients can access net even if server is busy / restarted or hanging.
  • Same goes for printer, it may be connected directly to network or shared via server
  • If you look at hardware pricing then its not that cost effecting to add more space in central server when different between lowest hard disc (320GB and 1TB is just Rs. 800) is not much. So you will in anyway have space in every PC so better store data in local PC, they each other (only when allowed and to allowed user only) can access network shared drive. You already have a local high speed network, any PC can access each other (if allowed only)



For the 1st 5 pc you have asked for. There are two options, if you dont mind AMD, then try to opt for APU based system otherwise following Intel config.

Cafe/Game said:
Intel Dual Core G645 @ Rs. 3,500.00
Intel DH61HO @ Rs. 3000.00
G.Skill Value RAM 4GB DDR3 @ Rs. 1,100.00
ATI HD6670 1GB GDDR5 @ Rs. 5,200.00
WD5000AAKX 500GB (Blue) @ Rs. 3,400.00
DVD RW @ Rs. 800.00
Local Cabinet + PSU @ Rs. 1,500.00
LCD / TFT 18.5" @ Rs. 5,000.00
Keyboard Mouse @ Rs. 700.00
Local UPS @ Rs. 1,600.00
Headphone / Mic @ take it free :p

Locally the one of each would cost Rs. 25k/26k, you need 5 of them. There goes the 1.25L, remove the DVD RW if you feel no use otherwise they would work and act as ROM only.

Next in line is the editing machine, for Photoshop and other image / DTP related jobs, use the same above configuration but remove the grfx card while adding 4GB (total 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD) along with a better display.

DTP/Image said:
Intel Dual Core G645 @ Rs. 3,500.00
Intel DH61HO @ Rs. 3,000.00
G.Skill Value RAM 8GB (4x2) DDR3 1333MHz @ Rs. 2,200.00
WD Green 1TB @ Rs. 4100.00
DVD RW @ Rs. 800.00
Local Cabinet + PSU @ Rs. 1,500.00
22" (BenQ / Dell Full HD) @ Rs. 8,000.00
Keyboard Mouse @ Rs. 700.00
Local UPS @ Rs. 1,600.00

Once again, Rs. 25k config for this setup also, you need 2 of these. Meaning Rs. 50k here.

Remaining two are the View Editing and Server.

Video Editing said:
Intel Core i5 (3rd Gen) 3470 / 3550 @ Rs. 12,000.00
Intel DH77EB @ Rs. 6,500.00
G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 1600 MHZ @ Rs. 6,500.00
ATI FirePro V4800 1GB @ Rs. 12,500.00
WD Green 1TB @ Rs. 4,100.00 (buy SATA3 6gbps drives if you can spend more)
DVD RW @ Rs. 800.00
Large Local Cabinet @ Rs. 1,000.00
Corsair VS450 @ Rs. 2,000.00
22" (BenQ / Dell Full HD) @ Rs. 8,000.00
Keyboard Mouse @ Rs. 700.00
Local UPS @ Rs. 1,600.00

Price would be touching Rs. 60k mark and mind you finding firepro cards may give you trouble.

Last but not the least is the server, looking at the work load, i dont think you may require anything more than basic setup of the cafe systems, so take that one without the card but if you think you need more space, start adding larger drives. Swap the Intel DH61HO with DH61WW or any of the one comes with 4 or even more SATA connector for adding more space.

Server said:
Intel Dual Core G645 @ Rs. 3,500.00
Intel DH61WW @ Rs. 3,500.00
G.Skill Value RAM 4GB DDR3 1333MHz @ Rs. 1,100.00
WD Green 1TB @ Rs. 4,200.00 -> Add more as you need more space down the line, or you may buy now also :p
DVD RW @ Rs. 800.00
Local Cabinet + PSU @ Rs. 1,500.00
18.5" LCD @ Rs. 5,000.00
Keyboard Mouse @ Rs. 700.00
Local UPS @ Rs. 1,600.00

With a 1TB drive, its Rs. 22k. Buy 2TB or buy multiple 2TB if you want more storage.

With the written setup, it comes at around Rs. 2.50L, spend the rest of the money in other hardware and setup.

One more thing, if you have AC in office, then fine, otherwise spend more to buy better CPU coolers and add fans in cabinet :D


P.S. Dont forget to buy CafeZee (visit cafezee.com) and Kaspersky :p, trust me, you will need those two a lot :D
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