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MTNL Triband presents World class PC games..

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though..i am not a MTNL..triband user..i ve got some new..for other.MTNL.triband users..
Unlimited access to world class computer games at monthly subscriptions .0f -

1>RS. 300 for premium pack :pack of high end super premium games
2>RS. 150 for casual pack :pack of suitable games for kids !
no download charges for games .

sign up for free 4 daystrial offer on :
for login use your exisiting tribamd user name (u r MTNL landline ph.no )
and your password and u are ready to play !!

for more details call on :1504 or 1500 (toll -free)

or visit : www.games.mtnlmumbai.in

hope u liked ..this piece of info...u must have read it elsewhere..but still if u liked the post..dont forget to add to my reputation ..



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hmm..my dad says..they r almost the same company..but with different names !
dont knw ...whats true..
anywayz did anyone..try this offer.plzz tell us u r experience abt this MTNL..gaming offer...


Well, i can't find the more popular games like "counter Strike", "Unreal Tournnament", "Fear Combat" etc.
Will MTNL maintain online servers for these games too?


they r different companies but both r public sector companies. MTNL operates only in Mumbai n Delhi and BSNL in the rest of the country.

registered for it but still havnt tried.


yeah its gr8 news.....
gud move by mtnl.lets look forward for sm gr8.
One of mine frnd was in mtnl delhi summer training....he tld me that mtnl is soon 2 launch live tv on triband with mant channels.


I mailed the MTNL Games On Demand team and they here is their reply:

Hi Raman,

I will definitely suggest these games to our team.

Presently this service is available in Mumbai, but we may also look at Delhi in near future.

MTNL Games On Demand Team.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Raman
Date: Friday, September 1, 2006 11:14 am
Subject: RE: Game Query

> I am looking forward to multiplayer games like:
> "Counter Strike", "Unreal Tournament", "Fear Combat", "Quake 4", Need
> For Speed Series" etc.
> I think MTNL should start hosting online servers for these types of
> multiplayer games, so that people having MTNL broadband connections
> can connect to the server and play with each other. This would indeed
> be a great value addition to MTNL's broadband's services.
> Is this service available in Mumbai only or Delhi too?
> Regards,
> raman
> -----Original Message-----
> From: games@mtnl.net.in [mailto:games@mtnl.net.in]
> Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 11:06 AM
> To: Raman
> Subject: Re: Game Query
> Hi Raman,
> At this point we cannot assure you the same but we are looking forward
> to get you great games. Please let us know more about the games you
> would like to play on MTNL Games On Demand.
> regards,
> MTNL Games On Demand Team

tinku dhar

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well when is BSNL goin to START this thing ... :(

also ya BSNL as i said is SAME with MTNL .. JUST the name DIFFERENT in different state
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