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MSI 6950 2gb vs MSI gtx 560 twin frozr II


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Hey guys,
I was about to purchase a gtx 560 twin frozr II + seasonic s12II 520w PSU for ~19k, when i came across a combo of MSI 6950 2gb+ corsair vx 550 for ~20k.

Confusion again :evil::evil:

Another factor is that ive never overclocked before and am not willing to take any risks.

Another cause of worry is the high temps in the 6950. I live in chennai which is pretty hot. Will i need to spend extra on cooling if i get the 6950 2gb??

i am getting an i5 2500 rig btw


the Room without A/C will take HD 6950 2GB to maximum 90-100deg after 2 hrs continuous play !

if u have good air conditioned room then Get HD69502GB , also with reference cooler design u cannot overclock further !


^^ U forget abt the Room temp ! Its India summer is too hot !

HD 6950 - less power consumption , More heat !

GTX 560 - more power consumption , Less heat (non reference design)

If the OP want HD 6950 , he can get ASUS HD 6950 Direct CU II triple slot cooler ! which will be more suffice ! which is 18K !

if the OP is going to unlock to HD 6970 shaders then ! he can get HD 6950 !

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yaar no need of spending 18k. if he wants even less temps he can get sapphire 6950 1gb or msi gtx560 ti twin frozr II which are non reference.

and in 19k we can get a 6970 or 570 now.


not for hot homes.remember it is also louder and if u have a small cabinet,then the 6950 can be used as a heater.i wud suggest 560ti because this card(reference) can oc well,stay cool and stay quiet.the 560ti TFII stays almost 20 deg cooler.and the TFII can be picked up for 15k


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1 gb 6950 ~ 1 gb 560
so 2 gb 6950 > 1 gb 560 and that is a no brainer

besides, some 6950 unlock to 6970 which then makes it around the 570 mark

2 gb 6950 ~ 2 gb 560 if that exists!


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It'll be difficult to get a 6950 that unlocks to 6970 . If you'd purchased the 6950 in the early days since it was launched , you could have done that. But the newer ones can't be unlocked , sad :(


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6950 2gb is for a different purpose. Its advantageos for higher resolutions i.e 2560x 1600 or higher. More suitable for multimonitor setups.

But no need spending 18k for it as gtx 570 is almost available for that price now. Btw, newer 6950's cannot be unlocked as the additional shaders are removed using laser cut technique. Its better of to buy a 6970 if that card is desired.

Now op has to specify his gaming requirements. Sapphire hd 6950 1gb and msi gtx 560 twin frozr II have equal performance out of the box and perfect for gaming at fullhd resolutions. Since both are available at around 14k or even less now its wise to go for these if on a budget lesser than 15k.

My personal suggestion is to go for msi gtx 560 twin frozr II as its factory overclocked and offers more performance than a reference gtx 560 at same price.

Its a terrific card.:smile:


@ vickybat

GTX 570 > 18K from SMC is exclusive offer( i afraid stock wud be gone by today or tom) its not price down from 19K to 20K from retail market, also the OP needs PSU too so we can give him under his budget !

Dont go for HD 6950 2GB now all the brands are blocking the umodding bios ! if u can get GIGABYTE card then get HD 6950 2GB its the only card now coming with modding facility

Anyway as all says go for MSI GTX 560ti twin frozr > 14.8K is fabulous price for that card ! never gets better .
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