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MS India Battling Internal Problems

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Here is some fuel to fire, get over bashing Ballmer, there are bigger fagots ruining Microsoft.

There is speculation in newspapers based on the blog post that this Mrs. Dhawan has been fired because she cheated to meet internal revenue expectations, she allegedly turned in profits from an OEM deal into these revenue details, but the deal later fell apart or something like this.
Since there is no India blog for Microsoft I am forced to write here.
My friends and fellow Microsoft people, let me tell you that the situation in SMSG India is horrible. People are leaving and the leadership never meets the employees. We have box manufacturers trying to sell software. We have Chairman who I have not seen in 6 months in person. I have seen him on TV and the newspaper a few times. We have MD Neelam Dhawan who interviewed at Cisco 2 times and did not get a job there and is now going back to HP. The Country Manager for Xbox has left. BMO has almost 100% churn.

We now spend so much time reporting and having conference calls that I cannot meet my customer.

Does the Redmond people care about what is happening in MS India? Who can I complain to if I have a problem? Will Kevin Turner and Jean Philipe Courtois have an all hands meeting with the staff but without the India management present? You know we cannot speak the truth with our management because we will lose our jobs. And I want to keep my job till I get another offer. Like all the employees around me.
What's up with Microsoft India?
Dude, you are in India. No company can escape internal troubles in India. Especially big 'uns like microsoft, google, reliance, tata, etc.


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Now, what am I missing here?:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Dude, yes you are :lol: Xbox chief (India) has been alleged to have quit & you are linking to a thread that says Xbox in India will be pulled off :lol: then you quote ctrl where he says that Xbox is not going to pulled off :lol: I did not know that if a head of a particular segment in a company's foreign branch decides to quit the whole segment he was heading shuts down :lol: corporate sense anyone? then you quote me by saying what i said :lol: dude I now have a pretty clear idea why you behaved the way you did and I would re-iterate that my initial post was very true indeed. :lol: Side effects of watching too much Simpsons dude.
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Hmmmm. Maybe its time to send them a resume. :D . Although I wont qualify for one of those high level posts maybe an entry level job would be nice :) .


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I disagree with the person who says that all big companies in India have similar problems. Having interned in a corporate finance role at one of the bigges, I can say that the culture and coordination among employees there was amazing.
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pointless i guess, internal troubles are always expected in big company's ...nothing strange ,employees becoming slaves ,part of package ....
just get over...
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