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mp3 player under 3.5k


Right off the assembly line
plz suggest good mp3 players under 3.5k. i m confused between philips go gear and ipod shuffle 4th gen


There is no confusion discard both and buy Sansa Clip + , Ipod Shuffle has mediocre music quality could not drive my CX-180's well (maybe a amp was needed ) . After that bought a Sansa Clip+ and OMG they are freaking amazing . Buy one rockbox them and enjoy sensational music . And yeah invest the remaining money after buying them on a good In-ear phones , probably a Brainwavz m1 or a CX-180 if you have budget of 1.5k else go for a soundmagi pl-21 or a JVC Marshmellow.


after rockbox option for adjusting treble boost and bass boost really work well , never felt the need to eq anything else.


Broken In
Heard a lot of rock box but never tried
Heard the clip of a friend so never used for a long time
Anyways at the price of clip there I'd simply no competition but still I won't buy them, just don't like the sound signature may be!!

Anyways if you can get a cowon them life is good thereafter, no regrets really, best part is the battery life


Its used but still go for it
You won't regret


Go for Sony Walkman NWZ-B163F 4 GB MP3 Player for Rs 3,411/- on Flipkart.
Ipod shuffle 4th gen under 3.5k is 2GB. So if you want to own an iPod regardless of the capacity go for it, else Sony is a good option and it has all essentials of a music player(Bass Boost, 5 Band Equalizer (Heavy, Pop, Jazz, Unique, Custom), Play Mode: Normal, Repeat All, Repeat 1 Song, Repeat Shuffle All)

Flipkart link:
Flipkart.com: Sony Walkman NWZ-B163F 4 GB: MP3 Player
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