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Mounting Prob wid 80 GB HDD on FC5,only 1 partition is displayed of the total 4

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hi! am using FedoraCore5, p3 733 mhz system wid 256 MB ram, to hdds 20 gb samsung as master and 80 gb samsung as slave. 80 gb hdd has 4 partitions : 3 of 19.5 gb and 1 of 15.6 gb (all formatted in fat32 filesystem) now when i type fdisk -l at terminal i get only one partition listed corresponding to /dev/hdb1 . thus i am unable to mount my other partitions which are easily available under windows. pls help on how to mount the three other remaining partitions.


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do su and then fdisk -l. Then show us the output.
BTW, sata drive will be shown as sda so you can try to see the output of
fdisk -l /dev/sda
Hope that helps.
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