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Mobo for i5 2500K:Gigabyte p67 ud5 b3 or z68? Or any others?

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Hello!My first thread!
I'm Planing to get an i5-2500K--::Certainly Fixed on that!:mrgreen:
But the Problem:Mobo--Is P67 the only one out there that supports overclocking...or ...or...are they any other good ones...??
If im compelled to get the p67--i think I'l have to--but having to spend around 15k(if i'm right o_O) for a mobo---What do you all think?:-?And is it goin to be worth the cash?
I already have a Gpu to get...Maybe the Hd 7970(if it is available in Hyd ) or the 7950..Have a 1920x1080 Dell LED.I game hardcore--Crysis,Assassons Creed Series---I wanna play them all at 1080p with everything (Aa etc.) Enabled!

Eagerly Waiting...

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