mObile under 6.5k

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Please suggest a cell phone having good quality mp3 sound & camera. It should have great looks!!
It will be great if posted with pic.
Thanks in advance :!:


^ is k550 still available ? yeah , tis a great fone ... go for it ... i used it for a year ...


Reviewers claim LG GM200 to beat any phone in the segment in Music department.
But thats it. It is sluggish, (Can say so having owned KG300 and recently used KP500) but Subwoofer and Dolby may just swing it in its favour coupled with 10 hrs battery talktime.

I can personally assure you that LG cams are better than Nokia's non Carl Zeiss phones.


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+1 for K550, G502 is not as good as K550
G502 got 240*320 screen, UMTS (3G) + HSDPA and supports upto 8GB of M2.

The only advantage I see in getting K550i is LED flash and the AutoFocus. But still K550i's camera sucks compared to the legendary K750i.

+1 for G502 from my side.


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^ It doesn't have 3G. Track ID music recognition is an added bonus in G502.


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K550i camera can be made better and sound too via better acoustics. Dreamcatcher can help u out.


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you lazy.. cant you search for pics on the net?
nokia 5000
nokia 5130
samsung e590-designed at jasper morrison studio.
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