Mobile+PMP within 15k.


So hey guys I recently lost my Nokia N73 after 3 years of usage and now parents have allowed me 15k to spend on mobile + PMP.

Not inclined towards any brand and stuff.Anything works.I'll mostly listen to music (I'll post again if usage changes.).Doesn't necessarily have to be even distribution of money like 7.5 k for each.I think more for PMP would be fine.

I've heard how awesome Clip+ is and at such a cheap price I'll get a better mobile too.But it's rarely (or not available) in India.How sad.

Thanks in advance.


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for pmp go for ipod nano 8gb will cost around 7k and buy any mobile with rest of money... when it comes to music nothing can beat ipod ;-)


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as All sansa PMP Are Not available in India ...
i Think go for NWZ-B150 from sony a water proof mp3 player with bass booster at 3k
12k ---> go for Nokia x6 - 8gb -- if Nokia Fan

or order sansa clip plus from us as i m doing... :)


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maybe the WAVE alone at 17k
will do a better job than any PMP at that range

Agreed !! (In terms of video playback, definitely. Though audio quality may not be as good as some PMP's, it is really quite good.)..

Where do you get Nokia X6 8 GB for such a cheap price? (The last I checked, it was around 14.5-15k, or has there been a price reduction of late?)

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Dude,if you take your music seriously,buy a sansa fuze or clip or cowon D2,an el cheapo nokia and save the rest for a decent headphone or iem.Stay away from ipod nano,it`s sq is pathetic.
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