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Micromax Funbook VS Karbonn Smart tab VS Veedee d10 vs Ainol Tornados?


Right off the assembly line
Hi guys i am new to think digit..

I want to know which tab is best among these and have a good service support i am from chennai ?

Micromax Funbook
Karbonn Smart tab
Veedee d10
Ainol Tornados

pls help..


Right off the assembly line
As per i know Karbonn Smart Tab and Micromax Funbook both are good. As the market is captured by Karbonn Smart Tab i think you should go with it. But still i am neutral regarding choosing between this two. Other two which u mentioned i dont know more but go with Karbonn Smart Tab... Here are few of the reviews for you.

Karbonn Smart Tab Reviews:
Karbonn Smart Tab1 with free 8GB MicroSD Card Price India, Karbonn Smart Tab1 with free 8GB MicroSD Card Review, Karbonn Tablet India - Infibeam.com
Karbonn Smart Tab 1 - Reviewed by: Naba Kumar Kundu - Karbonn Smart Tab1 Review


Right off the assembly line
I am using Veedee D10. Its specification is very good compared to other tabs. You can check this in ebay.in or veedeedirect.com

Some of the Features :
•Cortex A8 - AllWinner A10
•5 Point Capacitive Touch Display
•2160P Video Decode and Playback
•HDMI Out Put to TV
•Video Chat Supported
•Android 4.0.3
•Supports Latest Flash 11.1
•Gyrosensor for Motion Sensing Games


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^^ Karbonn tab has Xburst processor, meaning no NEON and loads of compatibility problems.


Broken In
go for karbonn smart tab,although if u could spend a little bit more,u can also wait for funbook bro.India's first sub Rs10000 tablet with 10.1 inches of screen real estate.:)
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