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MFD / AIO : Which one to buy...

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Hello Guys...
I am planning to buy a MFD/AIO (Print, Scan, Copy , Fax ). Which is the best one out there...
These are my requirements...

1.) Low cost of prints.
2.) High PPM.
3.) Low cost of maintainence.
4.) And must of all..it should have a flatbed scanner to scan booklets.

My budget is around 6-7K.... and there is no chance of increasing the budget.

Please suggest me a good MFD ASAP.

Thank You Guys for You support.


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Thanks guys for replying...
Hey Pathiks Couldn't find right MFD from epson stylus which has a flatbad scanner.... Can you tell me the specific model number...

Hey slugger thanks...
But I think only HP4355 fits my needs as Lexmark doesn't have flatbed scanner.....
A flatbed scanner is a must.


and n e way u wud b better off buying an HP than a Lexmark :)

with HP if anything goes wrong you will always find a service center in the city

with Lexmark u cant b so sure


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id suggest hp officejet im using it and its great, the print quality is also awesome and u can fax and call with it too
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