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Memory Card currupted.what need to do now


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Dear friends, a person who is professional photographer came to me and told his story which I want to share here because I need help from you all of you guy.
He told me that last Sunday they went to cover a marriage party, at evening time they have lost their memory card from camera which was used at the time of marriage coverage. Then they found out it from a little water tub. They tried it to recover photographs, but its damaged now.

So the problem is that people asking for there photographs from them but how can they deliver those photographs to them. So it’s a very serious matter for them. Please help here if there is any solution for that corrupted memory card. They only want to recovery photographs from that card. They even want to pay amount for that but they need solution.
So friends please help here.i will be very thankful to you for this. If you know any person who can able to repair that type of stuff in your local market so let me know about that and also confirm charges for that.
Memory card details as follow:
Moser bear SD 2GB (I think its not original card its china made I think so)
What is solution???


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get photo / data recovery software

1) Recuva

how on earth can it go into tub? A card is holded firm into its place


I would suggest use the Stellar Windows data recovery software it has an option to recover your photos from the corrupted memory card or any storage media. The software support more than 185 file types. You can download the free demo version of software, after running the software it will show you the preview of retrieved files, so that you can trust to buy the software.

Let me know, if you faces some problem to use this software


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@jatt: dry the card completely & then check whether its getting detected or not

then use following softwares to recover:
1) Stellar Pheonix recovery
2) Recover my files
3) PC inspector file recovery
4) google for more such apps
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