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Mediatek Quad-core MT6589 phones


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Hi All,

I was planning to buy mid range dualcore phone . Still few questions lingering in my mind. Please clarify the queries.

1. When is Mediatek Quad-core MT6589 phones coming to market?
2. What advantage in GPU / CPU do they have over current dual core?
3. Is it worth to hold my buying for the next two months?
4. What are the major phones coming up with in CES 2013?


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1. it'll be based on 28nm. so expect Lenovo or Huawei to ship mobiles powered by this SOC in Q2 2013 but won't be the most affordable. sub 15k is my safe guess. Micromax A120 (or whatever replaces Super Canvas 2) should pack it.
2. Based on ARM Cortex A7 so performance wise it'll be same as Cortex A8/Scorpion. But my biggest concern is the cores itself. Having 2 fast core is better than having 4 weak cores (dualcore Cortex A9 may still outpace it). So don't expect groundbreaking performance. However the GPU is the most impressive with PowerVR SGX544. Don't think is it multicore GPU but a single core SGX544 is fast. Keeps cost as well as power consumption low.
3. Depends on your budget and if you want mobiles from Indian brand or International ones.
4. Most of the mobiles will be super highend with ARM Cortex A15, quadcore Krait (like Nexus 4) with 1080p display. Lowend mobiles get mostly ignored. Also showcasing at CES 2013 mean it'll take 2-5months for the product to hit the Indian shore.
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