1. P

    Is it really worth to buy MediaTek processor phones?

    Hi, I bought my first Android phone,XOLO Q700 last year because it was cheap. Though phone did not give me any problem yet after one and half year, but does not have much custom ROM support. I was under impression that XOLO is not releasing kernel source. But after doing some research, I came...
  2. R

    Mediatek releases Full Source Code

    ok this news is not new but it skipped somehow .. Mediatek has released full source code for Android One Devices and some are even saying for other chipsets as well... this is really big news ... this means snapdragon does not have any advantage over mediatek now in the low-mid range.. this...
  3. R

    Google in talks with Mediatek for a 100 $ Nexus with 64 bit Cpu

    Recently, a rumor surfaced saying that Google would be pushing its Nexus program to the limit with the Nexus 6 and aiming for a sub-$100 unlocked price point, rather than the $300 flagship segment. Part of getting the device cost down would be in using a MediaTek processor, and now we're getting...
  4. R

    MediaTek announces MT6732 64-bit chipset with A MASSSSIVE GPU

    MediaTek announces MT6732 64-bit chipset with AN INSANE GPU MALI T760 - 326 GFLOPs At MWC 2014, Taiwanese silicone slinger MediaTek announced one of expected two 64-bit LTE chipsets for mobile devices. It's the quad-core MT6732, a competitor to Qualcomm's 64-bit Snapdragon 410 in the "super-mid...
  5. Zangetsu

    Qualcomm aims for low-end Market by new Snapdragon 410

    With the Snapdragon 410, Qualcomm takes aim at MediaTek
  6. Mr.Kickass

    [Newsflash] First True Octa-Core Smartphone Unveiled

    This isn't any great news as such going by the names like MediaTek and UMI, but there certainly seems to be something going on in the manufacturing industry. Everybody knows that Galaxy S4 was supposed to have an 8 core processor but is it really an octa-core ? True, it does have 8 cores, but...
  7. ZTR

    MediaTek announces first true octa-core processor

    MediaTek announces first true octa-core processor - news
  8. randomuser111

    Sony launches first Mediatek Xperia - C

    Sony Announces Xperia C - Budget Mediatek Xperia 5.0" 960x540 qHD display 1.2 ghz Quad Core Mediatek Chipset 1 GB RAM 8 MP Exmor R camera, 1080p Video Recording 4 GB Internal, microSD expansion Dual SIM standby 141.5 x 74.15 x 8.88 mm 153 grams
  9. Nerevarine

    Sony's first mediatek based phone spotted

    Source : Sony C3 Appears Online, Believed To Be Sony's First MediaTek Powered Smartphone Quote: If this is true, we can hope for Kernel source and eventually development ... Good news for all
  10. A

    Mediatek Quad-core MT6589 phones

    Hi All, I was planning to buy mid range dualcore phone . Still few questions lingering in my mind. Please clarify the queries. 1. When is Mediatek Quad-core MT6589 phones coming to market? 2. What advantage in GPU / CPU do they have over current dual core? 3. Is it worth to hold my...
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