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mann.... system prob....

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Right off the assembly line
when i bought my compaq presario 1.6 Ghz it was flying speeds...
but nowadays... it has become damnnnnnnnn slowwww.......
and i have a RAM of 512MB SD ram.....
can anyone help?
i have to agree i was a 'download and install' geek once...
i have NAV 2004 latest defs....
no virus no trojan...nothing....
there are several resource hog programs running here and there.....
like when i close alg.exe my comp. starts flying again...


try this...

hey dude....first off clear all the temp. cache and the temp folfer in ur windows directory as well as the cookies and the temp. internet file folder....then type "msconfig" in the "run" window and navigate ur way thru the startup tab and disable all the unecessary programs. And be sure to uninstall any unused programs/games which may be using up ur HD space. Try it..it may help.


god dude
systems are gonna get slower with use thats for sure
apps today are very resource hungry
so just run disk defragmenter on ur hdd regularly
keep ur startup programs to minimum
make sure uve uninstalled all nnecessary program
use registry cleaner to get rid of unwanted entries
this should get u started


ok, remove "Norton Protected Recycle Bin", use standard recycle bin.

stop indexing sevice if started.

stop system restore on all drives.

move your pagefile o other drive than ur primary drive, better give it a dedicated drive.


Right off the assembly line
ok.... thx ppl.....
i think my paging file is BIG...
can some tell me how to move it.....
i have created a 3GB partition with PM8....


right click on the my computer icon
goto properties
click on the advanced tab
under performance click settings
click on the advanced tab
click on change under virtual memory
select no page file for ur current drive
select the partition u want the page file on
and u can either click on custom size or let windows manage it
click ok 3ce and ur done
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