Looking for cheap and good 24" or 26" LED/LCD


Hi friends.
I am looking for a cheap and good 24" or 26" LED/LCD, no exact budget, it should be the best in the least price.
I had a look at Panasonic TH-L24X5D on flipakart, looks good.What you guys think about it, how it is? Is there any other good one available?

It is not for me, it is for a friend of mine.


TV Expert
As per me, the picture quality of panasonic is not that good when it comes to LED, No doubt panasonic were set to rule the plasma world at a time but that was the past story of 2010-2011.
If you are looking for a good picture quality LED TV,I would suggest you to have a look at brrands like LG. Samsung and Sony. Toshiba is also a good option but I am not so sure about the PQ of the same.
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