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Living in chennai

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I've lived in Chennai for 22months & I visit the place once a EVERY year...and I have seen that majority of the autorikshawalas understand English (they may not speak in english...but they definately understood what I was saying in english). The only Tamil I know is "Meduva Ponga" (I'm told it means go slow) I had to learn that bcoz some autorikhawalas (like almost all cities in our country) drive fast & a bit recklessly. I generally take autos in whichever city I am in & I do occassianally get cheated not just in Chennai but in other metros as well...but those are rare occassions. I find the people of Chennai more peaceful than the rest of the metros. I saw female autorikshaw drivers for the first time in Chennai...not even Mumbai (arguably the safest city for women) has female drivers. There is NOTHING wrong with Chennai...it is a nice place to stay. One thing is for sure it is a lot cleaner than my city Mumbai.


Yup, i agree with Mr.Caleb, Chennai is a better City.

I dunno about other's experience in this city, but my experience has been Good.

allmost all people talk BAD language. (i mean everyone in the world)

Why people beat a person when someone intentionally or unintentionally bumps a woman on bus/street, is that PEOPLE here in Chennai are very Sensitive & Sentimental to these things.

Chennai is filled with more Culture. i like it .:)


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was in chennai for a week last month.

nice city; nice people. stayed at madras gymkhana.
i found 2 problems : hellava lot of mosquitos and traffic jams.

and ya the funniest part. unfortunately my driver did not know even a little bit of hindi or english. so in the end i decided to reply in marathi every time he tried to talk to me in tamil. we had a
great time chatting !
piyush gupta

piyush gupta

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vasulic said:
Sorry for hurting you piyush619

Hey dont be sorry

its not like that u hurt me

its like that why u spoiled & wated ur n my time in that stupid childhood type discussion

i dont like these stuffs

if i like i must be at orkut not on a tech forum like digit


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No one mentioned this: But Chennai got the best Police Force and Civil Court department in India according to India Today's recent annual survey. Infact Chennai is over-policed. You would see atleast 1 Traffic policeman at junctions, 2-3 +1 bike at junctions with signals, 3-4+2 bikes+1 patrol car at important junctions like Anna Salai. And these are just the traffic policamen.

Compare this with Bangalore!!! Increasing crime rate... I am scared to bring my 1+ lakh system here just so it might get burgled. I have known friends who got ripped off first by robber, and then by the police when they went to complain. And you will be better off counting shooting stars in daylight than counting traffic police men in Blr. There is a joke in Blr- If there is a traffic jam, then a traffic policeman is in the middle of it!!! :D

Chennai is a better place. Stay there for a month and you will feel like at home. :)
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