List of Private IPs


Cyborg Agent
When I search for Private IPs list I get the following list from Google.

RFC1918 nameIP address rangenumber of addresses
24-bit block10.0.0.0 –,777,216
20-bit block172.16.0.0 –,048,576
16-bit block192.168.0.0 –,536

What I wish to know is are these the only private IPs list or there could be more not listed here?


Cyborg Agent
Thanks [MENTION=126812]whitestar_999[/MENTION].

Also wondering how about is this range also type of private IP? Basically by private IP I mean one that can not support inbound connection due to non accessibility from over the internet. It could be internal network assigned by ISP or one behind ISP's NAT.

I am exploring ISPs in my area that offer public IP to home end users, if any. So what to be very clear with list of Private IPs so that I can directly check with the concerned technical folks of ISP about what IPv4 network they offer.
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