1. A

    Desperately Need OLED/LED TV

    I understand that there are certain factors to keep in mind while purchasing the TV. I'm listing some (pardon the ones skipped, please add those in the comments) with their details relevant to me under : Viewing Distance : 8-10 feet (2.3 - 3 meters). I believe a screen size anywhere between...
  2. R

    Samsung Showsoff its new Curved OLED TV Pioneering an Era of Flawless Picture Quality

    Say hello to Samsung’s all new Curved OLED TV with what could be the best possible true-to-life pictures with the best possible viewing angles ever. With the curved display the viewer distance almost remains the same. The TV sports a thin bezel and a stand that is barely visible. Samsung at...
  3. nikufellow

    LG promises smartphone with flexible OLED display this year!!!

    Source : LG promises smartphone with flexible OLED display this year | The Verge
  4. Ankit Omar

    LG announces OLED TV launch for UK!

    Finally after South Korea launch company plans ahead to move to other states and the next launch has been announced for UK in July. LG 55-inch OLED TV launching in July, costs £10,000 | CNET UK Are you guys curious for its launch in India?
  5. Jitendra Singh

    Samsung and LG get to collaborate to make OLED TV!

    Guys I’m surprised after going through this news. In fact for me it's hard to believe that how it could be possible for these two gigantic manufacturers to work together even after having various patent wars. What you all think about it? Source: Korean Government Forcing Samsung & LG To...
  6. sumit_anand

    Future of TV: 4K or OLED TV?

    No doubt both the tv's are best in their class but their acceptance by the consumers is something which can be said as a negative side to them. The high price of the 4K and 4k broadcasting is something which the 4k manufacturers really need to think hard and as far as the oled tv's are...
  7. sumit_anand

    LG announces two more OLED TV's

    After releasing the oled tv in korea, Lg has annoounce the launch of Two more oled tv's in 40" and 70" size and thus becoming the largets oled tv manufacturer. Check out this link on more info on this LG Announces Two More OLED TVs (40'' and 70'')
  8. sumit_anand

    Are 4K and oled tv the next big thing in display market?

    Looking at the launches at the CES 2013, pretty much it looks like all the major brands like Samsung, sony, lg are more focussed on 4k and oled tv's unlike last years CES where the launch of 3D tv was the main highlight for every brand. So what you think about the next big thing in the display...
  9. sumit_anand

    LG and sony Ultra HDTV at CES 2013

    LG is planning to lauch their 55" and 65" ultra HDTV's at the CES starting tomorrow but it may get a tough fight with Sony which is also rumored to launch first 4K OLED TV at the CES. The launch of 4K OLED TV may be rumor but since it has been reported by tech sites like HDTVtest, The Verge so...
  10. Sam22

    LG OLED Tv's to be launched soon?

    The FCC(Federal Communications commission) in US recently tested out the LG OLED TV's and this makes us to consider that LG is getting closed to launch it's OLED in US pretty soon. Since the TV contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so they have to be approved by FCC before it can be sold out. So Now...
  11. Sam22

    4K vs OLED TV.

    LG and Sony both launched their 4K ultra HD TV's few days back and they are getting good user reviews as well. On the other hands, the talks of OLED Tv's are here from quite a long time and no one exactly knows when they are gonna be launched in India. Reports from LG and Samsung has claimed...
  12. R

    OCZ's Sabre Gaming Keyboard has OLED Key

    OCZ has announced a new Sabre gaming keyboard that features nine OLED keys. The OLED technology mostly used in televisions and monitors, is now being used for keyboards as well. Aimed at the gamer community, Sabre gaming keyboard's nine OLED keys are capable enough to be used as personalized...
  13. NewsBytes

    OLED Lighting Your Future Homes

    Philips has unveiled a new conceptual OLED that could forever change the way you light your home. The new prototype developed by Phillips Research is completely transparent when turned off, however when turned on, it acts like a source of light! OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diodes, as...
  14. desiibond

    Creative Zen Stone now comes with integrated speaker

    The best entry level mp3 player becomes better. http://us.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=213&subcategory=214&product=17437 2gb for USD 50 Up to 20 hours for continuous audio playback OLED display FM Plays AAC (unprotected .m4a), MP3, WMA, Audible 2, 3 and 4 27grams
  15. iMav

    Samsung OLED Product Roadmap Shows 40-inch TVs in 2010

    OLED fans will have to be patient, as Samsung's roadmap for the technology shows them only in small handheld devices for this year and next, ramping up to laptop and desktop displays in '09 and finally 40-inch TVs in 2010. After these TVs invade your home and take all your money in the process...
  16. azzu

    Sony Announces First OLED TV on Market

    Sony has displayed the first television for the commercial market with an organic light-emitting diode display it said symbolized the revival of the faltering Japanese electronics maker. The 11-inch display TV called XEL-1 - set to go on sale Dec. 1 in Japan for 200,000 yen - measures just...
  17. devauniversal

    LCD's Get a new dimension

    A new generation of super-thin, power-sipping displays is making its way to the market, stretching battery lives to new limits and perhaps one day posing a challenge to heavier, energy-gobbling LCDs. New screens that glow on their own are taking on their clunkier liquid crystal display rivals...
  18. Q

    Optimus OLED keyboard

    Optimus OLED keyboard Every key of this new design Optimus keyboard is a little stand-alone display based on OLED technology and it is showing exactly what it is controlling at that very moment. Yes you can control the way your keys look :) More Images To this date is not...
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