LCD.. 24" or 26" or 32" ????

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hEY All...

Its time for my 3rd and final phase of my desktop PC upgrade...

after this i dont expect myself to donate more money into here goes...
My last peice of puzzle is my monitor...

Now i am on 17" CRT sammy... no issue with that..still a faithful companion.
I am going LCD ofcourse.. but the screen size is of the essence...

these were my options..

1. Buy dell 22 or 24 for 13 or 18k..
for 24" i get full HD.. but i need multiple input sources.. like composite...DVI..HDMI..all these were ruled out..

2 Buy a samsung or LG or Panasonice 26" or 32" and be happy.. large real estate..lots of connections...
albeit no Full Hd only 1080i .... and 720p....

Is full HD that big of a deal.. i mean diff between a 720p,1080i to 1080p....

with a 15" or 17" LCD new or old under warranty from any brand as my secondary display..

My budget is 30k. no matter what.

Please Tell ur suggestions.



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Not a Option at the moment... although i sold all my consoles... i see myself buying again very soon maybe in a year or so.... so a ps3 and 360 have to be hooked and a pc have to be their..i dont wanna keep changing it....


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Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30 in Widescreen Black Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand

30" display
2560 x 1600
height, tilt
1 x DVI-D - 24 pin digital DVI ¦ 4 x Hi-Speed USB downstream - 4 pin USB Type A ¦ 1 x Hi-Speed USB upstream - 4 pin USB Type B

I don't think you can get quality 32" displays in India esp. Kerala.

If you can, wait for them to become mainstream and you will find high quality models.

Found this model:

Check it out.

8ms is common response time for a 32" display. Not sure how good they will be for gaming.

PS: 32" LCD display could be harmful for eyes unless you sit very far from it. Don't even think of sitting 2-3ft from it :)


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as a computer monitor(not public display like TVs) i would say get 24 inch monitors or max any affordable 27 inch monitor for your work, playing n movie stuff. Anything more than that would be too big. 24-27 inch monitors are better for all purpose usage.
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