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ASUS P5Q-Deluxe and P5Q-E

its easily available in ganesh chandra street and chandni chowk. costs around 7-8k i gueess

Could you please tell the exact price and place from where I can get ASUS P5Q-Deluxe ?
I think its not around 7-8k but 11-12k and btw ITWares does not listed this product yet (no p45 based product)
I have already sent some mail to some of the ASUS dealer in Kolkata but did not get any response , so may be its released but not available in India :(:(


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im not sure i was just guessing but if its available , its available in some of the premier stores like technocrat, vedant , supreme etc


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Current Price as of 21/06/2008
Source - Mr. Prithu Sanyal, Lalani InfoTech, Kolkata

1. AMD Phenom X4 Quad Core 8540+ = Rs. 5,950/-
2. 1 GB DDR RAM(Zion) – Rs.1,130/-
3. 250 GB SATA2 HDD (Seagate) – Rs. 2,225/-
4. SATA2 DVDRW (ASUS) – Rs. 1,235/-
5. SATA2 DVDRW (LG) – Rs. 1,060/-
6. 17” LCD (SAMSUNG) – Rs. 7,875/-


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What is the cost of AMD X2 5400+? The itwares puts it at Rs5200.

What is the comparable model from intel (must be strictly less than Rs 5.5k).

And can you suggest any decent motherboard for it (range about 4k). The onboard graphics solution need not be so good as he will get a dedicated graphics card.
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2.5" USB external HDD

i m planning to buy a 250 gb 2.5" external usb hdd
it would b really nice if sum1 cn tell me da delhi price of the same....
m primarily focussing on SEAGATE and WESTERN DIGITAL

pls if u hv 160gb prices 4 da same.....pls post them 2...

thnx in adv !!!
250 costs around 4k, dont know about the rest. btw u shud get 500gig for 5500 inc taxes

thnx 4 rplying....

actually my budget is rs.4000
so if i get a 250gb in tat price i`ll go 4 it else i would hv 2 go in 4 160gb....

if ne1 cn qoute a price for da same would b really better....


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what is the price for a 17" widescreen monitor with good performance?no ,I am not into gaming.just want to use it for years with my GNU/Linux box :) should not be a eye-strainer too!


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XFX 8600GT(512memory)current price is - Rs.4400 Chennai/ ritche street- 25june 2008

I bought
Samsung 19inches 943nwx -Rs.9200
APC 500kv UPS for -RS.2400
Microsoft mouse (USB)-RS.375


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Rate for a system in chennai

Hi friends:),

I need a new system and i found that this configuration best suits my requirements but i dont know their prices in Chennai :!:. Please help me out :confused:. If there are any other nice motherboards for this processor please mention it with cost.
The configuration is given below,

Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 45 nm PROCESSOR, "Wolfdale"
XFX GeForce 8600 GT
MSI P35 Neo Combo-F or any other mother board that suits the 45nm processor and graphics card under 5k
Seagate 250GB HDD 7200 RPM
Samsung 17" TFT Normal
Creative 2.1 speakers around 1K
Lite-on 20x DVD RW +CD RW combo
AND a nice cabinet with 600W PSU AND APC UPS with 20 minutes backup.
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hi will any1 help me out in selecting a good PC configuration?
i m a mechanical engineering student
i need a configuration which would work for high graphics use
like to run software like ProE and ANSYS
my computer dealer suggested me to go for
AMD Athelon Processor
AMD motherboard
2GB DDR2 kingston RAM
512MB Graphics card

plz tell me wht configuration shuld i use so tht it will solve my all problems for long time
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