laptop LCD gone bad, need help

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MY friend just ran out of warranty of her toshiba satellite 17" widescreen laptop & she finds that her LCD display is having problems showing bands, it started with just 1 band but now in past 15 days they are 3. Toshiba service centre quoted 42000/- replacing the LCD screen........................I feel thats crazy, better to buy new laptop in that amount.

This is how these bands look like & they show up right from the 1st boot screen, while loading XP & then thereafter.

Surprisingly they dont show when I took a screenshot & posted.

So the 1st image you see is actually a simulated image to show you the problem.

What can I do to troubleshoot this, is it really the LCD problem? Do they surely need to replace that? The laptop uses ATI mobility Radeon 9000 IGP graphic card, if that is of any matter, will updating the driver help?

Need help...........Thanks
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Come get Some
well i cant say with surity
but my friend face same probs when usin "ADMINISTRATOR" account.
try using diff. account or make a new one with same privs as of admin.
update Gfx and DirectX drivers
then check
if same result, consult the dealer if within warranty.


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I checked up with both admin & user privilege account but the same problem persists. Also tried by creating new admin account that too same problem.
Let me update the drivers & directX & report back.

I updated the driver & also tried to use external monitor, that works fine & as an extended desktop, I tried using that monitor as "primary
" desktop but could not do that, not sure if that tells much about the problem.
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HCL takes care of Toshiba after sales support and will take you for a ride surely. Get in touch with laptop service centres at your place. Delhi, I presume, would have quite a lot. Ask them if they stock the 17" WS LCD panels. If not, they would have their sources to procure it. It shouldn't cost more than 15k-17k max. If still no luck, get the LCD panel from abroad. Changing the LCD is not that difficult and you can do it yourself.

Selling it to someone who would use it as a desktop, would be the last option. With falling laptop prices, putting so much just to repair a laptop is insane.

Moreover, enquire HCL about the panel they will offer. There are some ultra brightview 17" panels too which feature two bulbs for backlit and far better screen brightness( highter nits value). Needless to say they are very costly. Specify it to them that you need a jugaad and not a full time solution with no compromise.
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