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Could anyone post a tutorial for COD4 on Hamachi?I played with some noob in this forum:p a while ago but since then we are unable to play on hamachi for some reason.

aneesh kalra

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anybody interested in bmw m3 challenge based on the gtr 2 engine good game with no lags on my 256kbps connection.Also interested in nfs pu and underground 2 provided someone tells me how to play multilayer in these.


Call Of Duty 4 MP / Hamachi Tutorial

1. You need the private server MP patch for COD4. (dont ask here, google for it)

2. Join the Hamachi Network

3. To connect to a Host,
(i) press ~
(ii) type
connect "Host's Hamachi IP address" (without the quotes)
eg: connect

Thanks to Arsenal_Gunners
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also myself....btw who gonna setup hamachi network...give me the details of the network and how to connect cod4 for multiplay here plz..


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There is already digit CS server going on hamachi named Digit CSS (look in HL CS thread in gamers section)
Btw. here is the network for COD4
Name - Digit COD4
pass- lmao


^gta sa?

we graduated to pro MP'n :))
Counter Strike Source & now COD4 MW.

but if you want to, i'll come to gta mp again:D
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