Jolie bodyguards arrested in Mumbai

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New Delhi: Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie’s India visit will certainly remain an affair to remember. Though for all the wrong reasons.

Since the actress’s arrival in India to shoot for A Mighty Heart, her bodyguards have been constantly running into trouble with people wherever Jolie’s entourage goes.

Early on Friday morning, Mumbai Police arrested three of Jolie’s guards from Hotel Taj Colaba after they created a ruckus in a Mumbai school on Thursday, reportedly abusing and assaulting parents and students of a south Mumbai Islamic School.

Trouble began when the bodyguards accompanying Jolie - while she was shooting for A Mighty Heart - threatened the schoolkids and hurled abuses at their parents.

The film's shooting apparently obstructed day-to-day activities at the educational institution Anjuman-e-Islam.

“They had rifles in their hands while shooting. The children were scared. When we asked them to stop shooting, they hit the men and even pushed the women around,” said a parent.

Parents also demanded an apology from Jolie herself and an FIR was registered against the guards late on Thursday night.

“Our kids are stuck inside. When we stopped them from shooting they abused us saying, ‘Who are you bloody Indians?’ While all that was happening, the policemen were just standing around and listening,” reported another parent.

School authorities said they had all the necessary permissions for the film shoot and played down the incident.

In spite of a huge media contingent which landed at a five-star hotel in South Mumbai after learning of the press conference, only selected mediapersons were allowed to enter the venue.

Hotel officials said the producers of the film, for which the actress is in India, wanted only a section of the media to be present at the press conference here.

When majority of the media contingent was not allowed to enter the venue, they protested with the hotel authorities but to no avail.

In the film, Jolie plays the role of Mariane Pearl, the wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, on whose life the movie is based.

The actress has been in Mumbai for the past week, shooting at various locations in the city, including a crowded suburban train, one of the city's busiest markets at Mohammed Ali Road, the McDonald's outlet at Colaba in south Mumbai and later at the Famous Studios at Tardeo in Central Mumbai for a recording.

The actress, who flew into the city last week after over a month of shooting in Pune, is expected to stay in Mumbai, where Daniel lived for some years, for another week.


these britishers still think they rule us an can get away with calleing us bloody indians. good they were arested.


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That's right. But what about those who would do anything to take a look at or 'touch' those celebrities? Remember that bodyguards are there for a purpose, and they don't usually discriminate. The same bodyguards also beat up a British paparazzi a few days ago.


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aacha hua
we must teach them a lesson
& the title of lesson is "Not to take Pange In India"


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cant trust what the media says...the ppl present there must have done something....


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@nix i never trust medis much. especially private chanells.
[offtopic] Always try to see other side what media reports. Think about all conditions what a media person can report about a particular incident. he is only going to report that which attarcts more public.
before foolding of privates chanelles, we only got those info what government controlled DD gave. Now its TRP controlled news.


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They should have country specific bodyguards.. whoever the celebrity is. If they come to India for shooting movies or doing meetings or whatever, Indian should provide them security for a pay or not, that's India's choice. That way, if anything happens, its us indians bodyguard to blame. Why ruin relationship with travellers from other countries.

Well you can't clap without both hands, The media is only telling us 1-sided story, there is always the 2nd side to the story also. And something tells me, its something to do with media/news channels and that's why they are putting it all on the bodyguards.

We indians, we watch news channels on TV, and only see and believes what we are told and shown. Only those who are there in that time, knows what exactly happens. I am sure the truth will be out sometimes soon.

And i seen somewhere the police charged Rs. 25000 each bodyguard as bail money, and they took those guys in, just cause they swear on indians ?? That doesn't sound too convincing to me though... will wait and see the end of this shooting :D


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First of all the school incident was not a one-off thing in their trip. Did you see the clip where Angelina's pilot car hit a couple on motor them on ground and didn't bother to even stop...forget about helping them get up? What was the "other side" in that clip? What was the other side in hitting kids? I can understand about fending off adults but kids? That is just too much...

Also, the police didn't take these guys in because they swore...but because they hit the people. You are a private guard doesn't mean you can hit anyone...there is a thing known as private area. If you feel that someone was threatening the private area of your subject/client then only you take offensive actions otherwise you stay defensive. If Angelina's guards are brought to court for hearing then they will have to prove that the people they hit were actually coming in their private area...if they can't give enough proof then they can be booked for assault.


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Those rich ppl are not used to indian traffic :p - thats all i can say .. poor guys !! lol what a way to suffer.. don't think they are gonna come back to India any sooner in the future.
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