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Hi guys i am gonna upgrade our family car to one of these hatchback. i personaly prefer honda jazz . i want to ask how is after sales service of honda and fiat ?which among two has low maintainence ?thanks. i know if i can stretch my budget i can go for linea or city but we have serious parking problem in our society. thanks.


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Jazz is always better and Honda has excellent after sales service. I can vouch for that as I am personally a Honda owner.

But why don't you post your query in the www.carwale.com forums? You will get a better response there...


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Fiat punto 1.3l multijet diesel: Power + performance + great mileage + amazing looks + best handling....-rear leg room, -gear shift comfort, -bad fiat after sales support and maintainence

Honda Jazz: Great interiors + amazing honda after sales services + lots of rear and front legroom + good comfort.... -power, -looks, -high price


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The one major setback is TATA's serivce for FIAT cars and their support has pretty bad reputation.

For now, I would vote for Honda Jazz. When it comes to style and car handling, Fiat Punto is the one to go for.

I hope that Fiat will scrap the support deal with TATA and start their own line of support (which rocks). Until than, I would say no no for Fiat.


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Came to know that GM, Suzuki and Fiat co-developed the engine for Punto and the same engine is used in Maruti Swift.


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i120 the new 1.4L Diesel or Petrol variants are better than Punto or Jazz IMO. Now idea about the mileage though.

Jazz = overpriced. i20 or Punto will be more VFM.
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