Issues relating to sound problems in openSUSE 12.2 (64-bit)


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Hello friends,have successfully installed openSUSE 12.2(x86_64/64-bit) distro onto my machine.
After a moderate update of software installed,my system sound is not working in openSUSE-12.2

All the "alsa" drivers and plugins(except plugin : alsa-oss,which I didn't install)are successfully installed.

In the Audio setup window, the "Internal Audio Analog stereo" icon shows greyed out,means non-functional or deactivated.

Please help me Friends,out of this problem.


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I have not dealt with Suse before in that manner, but what i can gather from previous attempts at getting sound working as supposed in linux is that usually with Alsa, the useraccount which started X/tries to use Alsa needs the premissions. On my machine (ubuntu 12.04) theres a specific group called "audio" which users have to have access to be able to play sounds.

Other than that, I dunno.
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