Is there any India-based forum for programmers out there?

Santa Maria!

The first time I found about TDF and TE, it was like a godsend. They became my go-to places for learning about hardware-related stuff and India-specific hardware news. It suddenly felt weird that I was using the Internet for quite some time, but only found out about these forums in like 2009.

So I'm asking this just to be sure that I haven't massively overlooked some forum for Indian programmers that everyone else knows about except me.

I know that both TDF and TE have their own dedicated sections for Programming, but activity crawls compared to the hardware sections.

So, ladies and gentlemen, since everybody and their favorite paan-vaala is a software engineer in India, surely there must be some popular forum dedicated to our breed? A place where good programmers (they are few, I know) hang out? A place where slick coding techniques are discussed? A place where current Indian IT industry trends is discussed? A place where people give you a heads-up when an interesting Indian start-up emerges?

Anyone know of such a forum?
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