Is Reliance supported on Yahoo Mobile?

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Is reliance mobile supported on Yahoo Mobile? I tried to signup for Yahoo Mobile services. One of the service providers listed is Reliance India.
I chose that, and in the next step, i was asked to enter my mobile number
that i did using the full format: 0891 1234567
But strangely it is not accepting. I tried other formats like putting only the mobile number without area code. Still no luck! :(
Anyone with reliance number tried signingup with Yahoo Mobile service? Pls. tell if u done better??


Hmm, this is irritating, either they should remove the entry for reliance or add the support. Thxs for your feedback guys. :!:


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It is not supported for reliance CDMA phones however it is available for reliance GSM phones


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no d00d ..
i have GSM phone...
smart card ..
yahoo cannot sms to reliance phones.

infact there are very few services over the web which can sms to reliance even after paying!! instead airtel or others have got good support on web
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