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Is Rediff Auction A Fake ?

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saurabh kakkar

D i s t i n c t l y Ahead
i have tried to buy an apple ipod 512 mb by budding the highest amount but i havent recived any mail from there side I WAS NOT ASKED TO PUT IN MY CREDIT CARD NO. WHEN BUDDING

is something wrong 4rm my side or REDIFF AUCTION is FAKE ?


everything seems so overly priced on rediff auctions, can u shoe me 1 thing that's reasonable, I just wanna see something reasonable on that place.


^^^ If you were asking me... I thought it was about ebay auctions..!! Deleted the post :D I have no idea about rediff. I prefer ebay or fabmall..


Cyborg Agent

Thr is a *Conditions Apply for it. Evn though ur bid was highest, it mite b lower den d reserve price... dat is y u didnt get mail, etc...
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