Is Paypal stole money from Open source funds?

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Is Paypal stealing money from Open source funds?

If the report from Xorg Boards directors meeting , and their IRC chats, e-mailing documents any indications, paypal has simply skimmed $5,000/(around Rs.2,40,000/) amount deposited in Development fund which were funded through several Linux supporting companies notable one of them is SUN in 2007.
It'll be a different matter if paypal act on a specified court order and freeze the funds after notify it to the affected party, instead they took the money but kept quiet.. Paypal accounts are not scrutinse by any of the Governement and they themselves believe they are the Govt and Judge as well as the executioner.. is avoiding to blame Paypal directly, but this will cut their main lifeline, donation from puplic are mainly through paypal, so some want to negotiate with Paypal, but the e-mail records now made in public, either paypal take to clear its name by returning the money, or made the transaction records available with them in public.. Also Xorg should now explain why they didn't properly audited the accounts beforehand?
Luckily in India, Paypal's arrogance has clipped by the RBI.. unless the inter government countries jointly inspected the Paypal's accounts the truth never come out..

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