Is magnetic cover safe????

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I have a nice leather mobile cover which i bought for my N3250,
but later i realized that it had a very strong magnet (used for closing flap of the cover)
my query is that, is it safe to use magnet based leather covers for mobiles..
if not,
then why do companies like O2 and palmone give away magnetic leather covers with there phones???
and has anyone seen plastic covers for N3250???



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it is said to reduce battery life...
but it affects harddisk based memory more than ipod...
it also affects the lcd display life..
get a non magnetic zip or clip pouch...
or else just use a crystal case..that will do...


montsa007 is spamming the thread!! :)

I have also used a cover with magnet for 6610 for over 2 years! Nothing happened to it. I am using a cover with magnet for my N70 also.

But I see to it that magnets and screen are in difference directions.
No prankie is right .. When u insert N3250 in a leather case .. the magnetic case is so strong that it unlocks the keypad automatically .. Better use silicon ...


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Whenever i keep my mobile in the cover (magnetic one), the phone starts behaving in a strange manner!!
Keypad automatically unlocks
Apps like media player and camera automatically start, though they are not in active standby...

So i have stopped using the cover,, but can anyone explain the reason why my mobile was behaving like that????

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thats cuz magnet causes the circuit electricity flow to go wierd( the keypad cir.)...and so it happens.
Also it kills HDD based mem. And it affects the speakers magnet...


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well guys, i am also using same kind of cove for 6600. well the same question came into my mind!!!
anyways, think should reduce time we keep our cell in our mag. bag like by,

>not putting it in when we are home,
>use only when it is really necessary
>if possible use clip pouch, by samsonite, specially for ipods but costs very high around 500



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not necessarily costly...i use a clip pouch of very nice quality..which i got it for 35bucks....
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