[For Sale] Ipod Touch-4g-32 Gigs - Out of Warranty - 1 years 1.5 months old- With Bill - All Acessories .

Hey guys.
I am selling my 1 year old out of warranty ipod touch 4g - 32 gig - out of warranty..

1) Earphone by apple - one of the earphone is bit cruckled , see the pic,
the jack is having a bit of problem - see the pic

2) Apple original usb cable with an Extra Charger (rs 830) - usb cable is cut at the end, but it working fine.

3)Box with all things (I) I had 2 apple stickers, 1 i used on my guitar, only 1 is left, though some people dont even sell the stickers of apple ( white sticker) ..
(II)figertips ( guide to use itouch) with Some guratee info etc)

4) IPOD Touch 4g 32 gigs with ios 5.1.1 - jailbroken - with nearly 150 apps -with a screen guard- and a full body protective cover- main probleme is The home button is stuck, its not working.... so u have to use assistive touch of apple, which is used like a virtual home button..and i dont know how much it will cost t fix it..

Everything else i dont have mentioned in accessories or itouch are fine..

Anyone interested call up. 8130816916 or contact via email - pranavgautam67@yahoo.com - or reply here..

Expected price 12,500. no more no less, {hum bhi insaan hai yaar - 18500+new usb and wall charger- 830 = 19630 (i bought a new wall charger , with it i also bought new usb, but since it comes default with the ipod, i am not including its price)}

Thank You

Also, i am sorry if you dont get any part of it.. or i mean dont understand my language, its kinda ROUGH!!

Also, please sEE THE PICS

Uploading is failing again and againi.
So, please go to the link for PICS OF THE DEVICE AND ACCE>>??>>

ImageShack Album - 15 images

And, the back of itouch is Brushed Metal, Original ipods back are like mirrors, u can see urleves on the back.
But mine isnt like that, its plain, but it looks betther, if scratched comes over it, they dont appear at all.. its brushed metal look, search it on ytube, or look in the pics.

Guys, Anyone Interested??

Reson for deal - Will be buying Android (htc one V), bcoz its much much better,
dude a friendly advice... no crapping but guys are trying to sell their fully intact and nearly mint condition ipods 4g 32gb in 9k and noone is there to buy them. i dont see u have got any chance to sell it in the price you expect :)

and before you ask no i'm not interested in buying this but just giving a advice to u. :)
its Fine Guys..
Maybe i wont be abe to have an android in less than a year..

Btw, Bharat bro, can u give me any links to dat ad or watever where he/she is selling 4gs -32gb in good condition at 9k..


Cyborg Agent
Yep there is a deal on E for a 64gig iPod touch 4 for 12k and a few 32gig ones around 10k.

I don't think posting E links here is proper. Take pm route ;-)
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