invertor in problem


In the zone
i have a microtek invertor 850va with exide inva tubulor it500 battery 150 had been giving good backup till now .i have bought it 3yrs doesn't give a backup of 1 min.i don't know what happened in one night it has the capacity to give 5 hrs now it won't stand for 1min.
i always topped it with distilled water when low.i called microtek and the mechanic said invertor is alright just by checking with his multimeter.if i keep charging button in standard mode invertor shows battery fully charged but i gets no backup.again if i keep it in high mode,invertor keeps on charging and no backup.battery also remains warm or hot.
before writing this invertor show another thing that it starts showing low battery even when no load is there be any internal short in invertor? or there is battery problem.
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