Intregate SP1 in Office 2007 installation source

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Microsoft have released the Service Pack 1 (SP1) for the Office 2007… Many users are asking me that, how can one integrate or rather slipstream the service pack on the installation source !!!

With Microsoft Office 2007 slipstreaming or rather integrating the service pack is really an easy task… One can follow few very simple steps to carry out the action…

Create a Network Installation Source

Insert the Office CD into your CD drive.

Copy all content of the CD to a folder under your hard drive, for example in my case its “F:\O07”

Obtain the SP1

Download the Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 1

Please rename the downloaded file to sp1.exe, in my case I download the file to F:\ and then rename it to SP1.exe so the update is now at location, F:\SP1.exe

Extract the SP1

Create a folder “SP1” under the F drive (in your case create where you have the Office 2007 Service Pack one)

Open up the command prompt, and navigate to location F:\… Once there, run command, sp1.exe /extract:F:\SP1\


It should through up the EULA, accept it to proceed to next step…


As you proceed to the next step you may see the Dialog box showing the extraction process…


Once done you may now see bunch of .MSP files under “F:\SP1” folder…


Now please copy all files of the SP1 folder to updates (F:/o07/updates) folder under the F:/o07 where you have copied all files of the installation CD…

That’s it… You may burn that back to any CD or keep it any where in your HDD or network… as now when you start the installation as in a new PC / System, Office 2007 will complete installation at SP1 stage !!!

Infact any update which is placed under Updates folder of the installation source will be installed at the time of installation…

CopyRight info, all information provided here is free information, as long as the mode of sharing is free, you are welcome to use it and re-distribute it to any one and by any mean
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