Internet connection goes off upon hibernation/sleep


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When I hibernate my laptop or put it to sleep, and then return to it after a while, I find my Internet connection to be disconnected and any other apps/services that also require an Internet connection such as a P2P file-sharing client also lose their connections. I, then, have no other option but to restart my PC.:pullhair: :banghead: :mad:
Could somebody explain what the problem is and how it could be solved?


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Net will be off automatically when you turn off the lid. you can‘t change it afaik

Just disable standby mode of laptop when lid is off and torrents will go on. change setting to “do nothing“ :)


What type of internet connection do you have.
I mean if its wifi then this problem shouldnt be there in first place because windows 7 automatically reconnects to Wifi access point when it wakes up form hbernation or sleep.
Otherwise you just have to redial or reconnect to your net from connection manager after wake up.
Its that simple.


Right off the assembly line
the internet connection will obviously disconnect on hibernate/sleep..
but you don't need to restart the system, just reconnect your connection..
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