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Hi guys, please tell me when should the criteria to choose Laser printer or Inkjet printer? What are the areas of applications of these two kind of printers???

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Give us some more info, like purpose of use, frequency of use, max budget, expected maintaining cost etc.


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If its Office use then a Laser is better suited. If home/ photo studio , etc then a INKJET

btw, pls post your usage scenarios.


If you print a lot, on a daily basis, whether office or home then its laser. They are more expensive to buy but lot cheaper to run so you have to have use for it.

For printing once in a while, occasionally, only 5-10pages a week then go for inkjet. Mostly people buy inkjet since we don't print much.

To sum it up, the deciding factor is: USAGE (number per prints a month)


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Thanks for your replies.

The usage will be as follows:
Daily 15 to 20 prints (A4), mainly black-n-white office documents.
Budget is up to Rs. 12000/-
Cost Per Page (CPP), of course, as low as possible
Speed, As fast as possible.

Occasionally, quality print outs for some documents will be needed, like which need to be preserved for long term.
(Possibly, 25-50 pages per month)

These optional Features will be preferred:
Should support low quality paper for example, 45 gsm (For daily-work prints)
Guys, does anybody have experience of using EPSON devices? How is the performance and how about their post-sales service? I have found that among EPSON, HP and CANON, EPSON products are lowest priced among the equivalents of rest two companies.

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^If you are going for heavy usage then you should be looking more at the cost of printing per month and the quality of printer, more than the initial startup price, which is not a very good indicator of how cheap its running costs would be.

For your usage it is almost certain that you need a laser. Beyond this I cannot suggest you any models. Wait for other users and meanwhile google your options and check reviews of your options.

Also check the cost of "toner" for the laser printer and its yield; for every printer. Do not skip this.
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