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ink cartriges vs Refilling

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Satissh S

I have a canon i255 color printr. It ran out of blak ink. Should i go for refilling or buy a new cartridge? :?:also note that a dealer nearby told he wod give blak cartridge for rs.150 , Don't remember its name (i tink it's epson). Help Please? :roll:


You can't out an Epson cartridge in a Canon printer.

Secondly, refilling may make your warranty void. So if you value your warranty (assuming it is still under warranty), preserver the exhausted ink tank for future use and buy a new one for now.


In the zone
You cant keep around empty carts and expect it to work years later. The carts can only be reused a few times. The reason being the carts use heat to print they are designed to burn out easily. Even cleaning the heads and rubbing them can destroy them. Also keeping empty ones around will clog up the really small ink holes used for printing. I have been able to refill then twice for sure, up to 4 times with careful use. But usually by the 4th time its bleeding and leaking. In the old days you could refill them dozens of times. But these days like the old days when you had to buy a new Japanese car every 2 years because they fell apart on schedule.. Its designed like that :)


Broken In
Hey i hava a HP deskjet 3320
I want to refill the black cartridge So i went to shop he told me that
black refill would cost me Rs.200/- and
color refill would cost me Rs.300/-

on the way to home I asked at another shop they said
black refill would cost me Rs.80/- and
color refill would cost me Rs.150/-

can anybody tell me about the quality of this cheaper one, can i go for that
i dont want to damage my printer please tell me soon!


Just Do It
I've been using refilled catridges for over 6 months now and hasnt given me any prob as yet. BTW both color and black catridges. The print quality is also good.


Cyborg Agent
plain nd simple thumb rule >> new cartr. within warranty period... refills after that

... have used refilled ones for around 5/6 times .. each one for 150/- only!!!


Right off the assembly line
One of the digit magazines has a detail telling that the HP printer chief himself saying that they are designed for 3 to 4 refills and it doesn't void the warranty. Also there are features in the printer to ensure a cartridge doesn't work if it is more than 3 years old. Dont forget to refill. Its designed for that. Refer digit!


Right off the assembly line
guys in the case of canon u r confusing the inkhead with the tanks(color and black)

u can refill ur ink tank as much time as u want cause well they r just tanks where u put ink in but m not too sure about the shleflife of the inkhead as mine seems to be dying out(altho i did errr screw arnd with it a bit by "trying" to clean the head by rubbing it---not sure if thats what made it go cikoo tho)

oh btw i own a xnu i255


Analogue Novice

is right HP cartridges are best around to be filled
you can get one from the vendor and refill it as many times as you can but with care !
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