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India/China and spammers


Back to school!!
Maybe a bit extreme,but not allowing the registrations through free email will solve this problem.Use the mail facility provided by your ISP/workplace to register.

redcafe does that: p.
Most of us here are students, and we don't have that.

Hmm...right. I keep banning atleast 2-3 people each day because of this spam.

I think what raksrules said is a nice idea. We can moderate his 10 post.

And we have many mods here and all of them are active, so it would be really daunting task but personally I can look for manual approval of registrations.(Though this point wont work in case of a spammer, we can't identify the spammer by looking at his IP and ID only, I guess so)

Correct me if I'm wrong.
Be sure that mods will keep upto such a daunting task, I had seen this method before, in one forum it took my 6 days to get approved, I stopped checking on third day.

Here's a good idea, new member with less than 25 posts and 5 days stay do not get to post links, or has it been implemented already?

Hmm.. Now I can relate why Team-BHP tests the users creative writing skills for registration. Can that be implemented?
That is a total cr@p method, spam monitoring is one thing, writing essay is another.

Plus, people come here to get knowledge, if I could write an essay about computers I wouldn't even come here in the first place, so scratch that.

One more reason I never registered there, if I could write an essay about cars I would not go there(actually I could, but I'd rather not).

Moderating first 5 posts will be a very daunting task considering the fact we get around 50 registrations every day.

Is anyone in favour of only allowing registrations on weekends?
It'll reduce the traffic, I'd say if you go this way(I'd suggest not to), you need a dozen more mods.

reCAPCTHA can be easily by passed. Don't know how, but it isn't *strong*.
Any other similar method? One that cannot be bypassed yet?

Give'em a calculus problem to solve, only the geeks shall pass.
Maybe permutation/combination or probability sums, those are .....interesting... :-D

Calculus? :shock:

Better ask questions on Chemistry// :p Many people will run away. :D
I'll be the first to get kicked :lol:


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For all call centre etc noobs block the IPs for 2 violations since they'll be using the same IP again and again(or is this already being implemented?). If you manage to find the link they are refering to PM or email them that they're companies will be sued and they will be sent to jail :D (most of the guys who spam will get scared). Also ban certain keywords from first few posts such as gold, world of warcraft, wow, runescape etc etc common keywords. You can also send a registration codes to a registered mobile no. (spammers will run out of mobile no.s) and they can be found out about by using the no.s too.

DK spam test

Just tried it out. Anyone with google can bypass this security within five seconds. Sending the registration code to mobiles would be more effective that sending it to email IDs. Moderators are free to delete this post. http://tinyurl.com/44hlr. Links work.


I saw this registration approval method on some site where there's a picture cut across 2 blocks and you have to slide the lower back so as the picture matches as a whole. Why not use that method? Unless the spammers are bots, this should work.

But first, ban the whole of china from registering on this site.


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ok.. now what was that spammy looking provided by DK Spam test!! :(
I accidently clicked it, and now I am worried!! :Fingerx:


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well, for SMSing you need two things:

1) SMS exchange service
2) vBulletin modding for integration.

verdict? totally totally unrealistic to implement.
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