In-ear/HEADSET around 1k


Broken In
ola amigos last time I made a mistake by buying Phillips SHL300 @ 588rs. these were good but I was dissapointed because their power was same as my old Skullcandy jib .. and actually felt little low too.
>so before late I quickly listed them on olx and sold it at 500 bucks.

Now I think i should not waste time and money on cheap.. I need headset around 1k with powerful bass. im edm fan and alwys prefer kickass bass. Its hard finding headphones with great bass.

btw I can also go for In-ear one's if they are great... headset doesnt matter if in ear will work satisfactory on pc as well.

I have done my reserch on flipkart,snapdeal,everywhere..there are dozens of headphones and I really don't have any idea how are they compared to these shl3000.

please help me buying something powerful this time... my budget is around 1k.. 100-200 more.
in ear or over head doesnt matter as im gonna listen them on mobile,pc as well. :)
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