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Improving connection speed

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I'm using BSNL netone service for accessing the net.
It used to show a speed of 21-24 Kbps in the beginning.After that I used System Mechanic's Optimizing tools and got a speed of above 40kbps.
Now all of a sudden it has dropped back to 28.8Kbps.It won't increase above this speed no matter what i do.I restored the setings and applied the tweaks again,but no improvement.
Plz suggest some tools that can improve my connection speed.
Thank you...


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well,it could be because your previous downloads just went faster than the stuff you are downloading now, try downloading the previous stuff and see if the tweaks are working.


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Get your true speed checked from http://www.bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/
for a 256Kbps [note the usage of capital and small letters] you should get a theoratical maximum of 32KBps. A constant speed 40KBps is Impossible even theoriticaly. you must have got an instanteneous spike up. It happen sometimes. [a lot on the cableguy's network]. Realistically after all the signal losses at the last mile ie. in the copper wire that comes from the exchance to you, [ not just a mile from your home:) ] you should get a maximum speed of 30KBps.

Kbps: kilobits per second [1 byte=8 bits]
KBps: kilobytes per second
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Thanx 4 the help...I did a test and shows that...

Communications 60.8 kilobits per second
Storage 7.4 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 2.3 minutes
Subjective rating Slow

I'm getting 60.8Kbps!!!But when I connect to the net it still shows only 28.8Kbps and mine is just a dialup connection.60.8Kbps is not possible,rt?
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