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Importance Of Work Station Setup

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Right off the assembly line
Workstation a place where most of us spend half of the day.It is seen that everyday we spend our time sitting on computer,sending and receiving mails,recieving calls and faxes.Most of us face a general problem when we return home regarding back pain,debilitating neck and shoulder pain.This is the result of poorly designed work station.Many of us dosen't pay any heed towards designing work station in proper way.After a certain period of time we face such problems regarding health.

Here are some tips that should be kept in mind while designing our workstation-

*PERFECT CHAIR:- No such thing exist as chairs are not made keeping in mind the structure of the employee the one who is gonna sit on it.We spent all our time sitting on chair and doing our work so our chair must be perfect atleast we can adjust it according to our comfort.Thios will make our chair Perfect in our aspect.Alyaws swivelling chair that swivel at 360 degree so that we would not have to strech our backeverytime to reach the things.

*TABLE OR DESK:-Table and desk on which our keyboard is kept should be in the level of our arms maintaing an angle of 90 degree to our elbow.Having such a desk arrangement will keep our sight straight and monitor will in a linear fashion to eyes.This will help to reduce the cervical pressure.

*TELEPHONE:- If you are on the phone frequently, the best thing that you can do is to attach it to handsfree to reduce your movement and stress as well as it will avoid disturbance at the working time.Many of us cradle on the phone receiver between
our ear and shoulder. This causes increased muscle tension and often leads to severe neck pain. A headset will free your hands.

*OTHER:-If you are sitting in a chair that swivels, use your feet to rotate your body rather than twisting it. Twisting spine may lead to increased stress throughout the back and shoulders.If working on a fax machine,keyboard, etc., try to position the equipment in a linear fashion. Finally, continuous sitting in one position,stand up in between for the blood flowing through your neck, back & legs.Try to walk a bit.This will relieve tension from your system reducing overall stress.
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