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  1. Desmond

    [WTF] DRM Chair

    Is DRM going too far? Even a million facepalms are not enough. http://vimeo.com/60475086 I sometimes wonder whether the human race even deserves to exist.
  2. avichandana20000

    Egronomic Chair

    Pls suggest a good egronomic Chair for Computer desk. Budget 3K.
  3. cute.bandar

    High back computer chair

    I am looking to buy a computer chair with a high back. Now some online stores are showing prices about 5k-6k , but my parents reckon , it should cost 2k-3k. Anyone here knows how much a decent high back computer chair would cost? Thanks
  4. R

    Importance Of Work Station Setup

    Workstation a place where most of us spend half of the day.It is seen that everyday we spend our time sitting on computer,sending and receiving mails,recieving calls and faxes.Most of us face a general problem when we return home regarding back pain,debilitating neck and shoulder pain.This is...
  5. jack_the_ripper

    Search before u post? DUH!

    hi guys, well im really getting irritated with the search thing here! few days back i just read an article about "Computer Desk and Chair" here on digit under QnA section... i found it interesting and decided to buy a chair with the specifications mentioned in the thread... i dint bookmark the...
  6. abhijith44

    Help needed choosing Healthy Computer desk and chair..

    Hi gUYS.. I am abhijith from Mysore.. This topic may sound funny but really i am sick of the desk and chair i use..... i want to select a best Computer desk and chair , I am a computer science gradute(now doing MCA)i'm atleast 6 hours infront of pc,,, I am suffering from back pain :( and...
  7. max_demon

    Online Hypnosis!

    At first I didnt believe that a website can hypnose me. But when I tried it, I found myself sleeping on the chair! This is incredible.You must try it! (Dont forget to turn off the lights if you really wanna be hypnotized) http://www.rabailkal.com/hypnose.htm
  8. rajasekharan

    One hell of a chair....!!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbEEXMIhZR0&eurl= look at this cool chair....:O
  9. D

    Ur fav Game Dialogues

    Alright, the catchiest/funniest/most thought provoking (yeah right!) dialogues u've ever heard in a game. Post 'em all here! Here r my favs: Serious Sam - *sniff* *sniff*..I smell an ambush! :D Max Payne - 1) I was feeling like the chair I had just broken. 2) "Niagara..as in..u cry a...
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